How Much Could
You Save?

Gasoline Price: 190.9 ¢/L

Propane Price: 139.9 ¢/L

How much do you spend in gasoline per week per vehicle?

Fleet size:

Weekly: $
Annually: $

Prins Alternative Fuel Systems Sequential Propane Injection System

Conversion Advantages


  • Save up to 50 percent of your fuel costs
  • Virtually any gasoline-powered vehicle – including yours – can be converted to propane
  • Average propane conversion is about half the cost of an electric hybrid or diesel engine upcharge

Environmentally Friendly

  • Clean burning fuel that helps protect the environment
  • Emits minimal sulfur oxides and has ultra-low emissions of particulates, carbon monoxide and volatile organic compounds
  • Burns much cleaner than gasoline and diesel fuel – an excellent fuel alternative for reducing emissions of greenhouse gases


  • Tens of thousands of vehicles have been converted
  • Millions of kilometres safely driven


  • Our dual-fuel conversion lets you switch between gasoline and propane at your convenience


  • Canso Auto Propane has been converting cars and trucks for over thirty years
  • Thousands of satisfied customers

Convert today!

With up to 50% savings on your fuel costs and the knowledge that you’re contributing to a cleaner environment, you won’t regret it! Call 416-675-9509 for more information.