How Much Could
You Save?

Gasoline Price: 190.9 ¢/L

Propane Price: 139.9 ¢/L

How much do you spend in gasoline per week per vehicle?

Fleet size:

Weekly: $
Annually: $

Prins Alternative Fuel Systems Sequential Propane Injection System

Conversion Facts

Conversion Facts

Bi-Fuel Propane & Gasoline

Propane is an excellent fuel alternative because it not only saves you money, it is a clean burning fuel that helps protect the environment.


  • more efficient
  • abundant in supply
  • up to 50% less expensive
  • clean-burning and forms no carbon in the engine


Propane is abundant in supply and can be found throughout Ontario at many gasoline fill locations. Ask about having a tank and dispenser installed in your yard.
This will allow you even greater savings!

To locate a propane fill station in your area use the link below.


The propane system requires only minor periodic maintenance. The regular gasoline maintenance is reduced, offsetting the cost of the propane service.


The vehicle is equipped with a selector switch on the dash that allows you to operate the vehicle on either fuel.


Used with care, propane is a safe and convenient fuel. Propane gas is not toxic. However, should a leak occur, the build-up of propane gas can become dangerous. Because propane is heavier than air, it tends to settle in the lowest available space.


Your vehicle should be maintained by a licensed propane facility. This will ensure years of safe and trouble-free operation of your environmentally friendly propane powered vehicle!


Your vehicle will have close to the same driving range as gasoline. Some vehicles can be fitted with more than one tank to extend the driving range. Please contact us to discuss the kit that best suits your vehicle.


The vehicle’s warranty is not influenced by converting the vehicle to propane. If a problem with the vehicle is found to be associated with the conversion, our warranty will cover the repair.

Convert today! 

With up to 50% savings on your fuel costs and the knowledge that you’re contributing to a cleaner environment, you’ll be happy you did! Call 416-675-9509 for more information.

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